About Woofstock Trading Post

Woofstock Trading Post is a family owned and operated business in the Austin Texas area.  Built on a foundation of our love for pets, we'd like to share with you products we know and also love.  From our house to yours, thank you for visiting Woofstock Trading Post.

Our family pets have come from shelters, re-homing, and adoptions. This usually means breeding is unknown or has been the result of backyard and puppy mill breeding with no consideration to genetics and health issues.  Many have not been taken care of, some abused.  They frequently arrive to their new homes with medical and psychological issues, leaving the new owner to truly find ways to 'rescue' body and soul.


If you're like me, you've tried the conventional route with varying levels of success, none particularly great.  In my latest challenge, working with DD, my blind and deaf 18 1/2 year old, suffering from age dementia, arthritis, occasional anxiety, my vet said Treatibles. And a light bulb went on. Here was a way I could help others who where just like me, trying to assist their fur babies in enjoying a happy, healthy life and even spoil them a little a long the way.   It was time to spread the word through Woofstock Trading Post!

Our Product Testing Team



Teri is a kind and understanding person. I have found that people who have a soft spot in their hearts for animals, are usually kind and thoughtful. She is one of those people, the ones you want to call "friend." - Angela. 

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